by Luna Reign

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released June 9, 2018

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"In the album Black Mass I heard a bright and emotional confession,
experiences of soul and a try to tell about topics that worry the author. Each song is a story about some event, psychological experience and some inner reflections which capture the attention and make us think deeply. These topics and songs wrapped in mystical curl of guitar parts and clear bits of drum machine keep us in tense till the end and make us feel compassion to everything heard and learnt. And after that we look for the truth in everything said. The album left a nice impression. Thank you for the work and experienced emotions, they are very valuable". - Roman Zhizhka

"A new amazingly beautiful sound, there is something in it that perhaps did not exist before. Interesting, melodic and bright inserts and motifs, fascinating parties ... The album seems to immerse the listener in a mysterious narrative that gradually unfolds more and more clearly, and by the end again plunges into a kind of secret meaning that we must comprehend ourselves." - Irene

"wow thats a dark album, must have taken a lot out of you!? Hurricane and Silhouette clouds are instant favourites for me as well as the mass is both very pretty and mournful ...loving it!" - Bob Baty

"I was looking for bands like you, but I didnt find anything close to your genre and style of music! Really! I've already listened to your songs a 100 times"
- PunkLolita -

"Forget The Sisters, Forget the Fields! Luna rules the sound of modern Gothic!"
- The Beaten Generation

"Luna, you're a very talented singer songwriter. Every track is a jewel.
There's excellent sense of space, and the notion that these songs were crafted deep within your soul. All the Best"
- Emanuel David -


LUNA - Vocals
LUNA - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
LUNA - Bass
LUNA/SID - Drums & Programming
LUNA/JOSH - Key Boards

Luna Reign uses Marshall Amplifiers, ESP Guitars, Carlsbro Basses, Ernie Ball strings, Yamaha Keyboards and Drums.

All instruments Recorded and performed live in the studio by Luna. No samples or downloads are used......ever!

Produced by: Luna Reign
Engineered by: Luna Reign
Recorded at: Roof Top Studios 2017/18 (UK)
Mastering by: Luna Reign @ Roof Top Studios 2018(UK)
Logo by: Luna Reign
Photos by: Gail Hartland
Artwork by: Gail Hartland and Luna Reign
Band Photo by: Gail Hartland (Imagenation Photography)

Thanks to: Gail Hartland, Missy, Radio ProRock, Water Bear, DJ BAnn Hard Rock Hell Radio, Do What Thou Wilt Records, Jett @ The Oubliette, Netherlands, Independant Podcast UK, Ghost Wave Radio, Radio Indie Alliance, Lord Derichleau, DJ Father Coven @ Bloodlit Radio, BBC RADIO, Dj El Guru @ Criminal Tango show - Wicked Spins Radio, All @ NightbreedRadio, Muse Boat Radio crew, The Basement Tapes With Nick and Bootsy, Sound In The Attic Radio, Vents Magazine, TBFM, TBFM TV, Dusk Soundtrack Radio, Talent Radio UK, Lux, Wheeling Rampage, Dizzyjam, VIP Fanclub Members - Boby Bat and Golden J Williams Jr. Dana Paull, Irene Untristesourire, Belushi's and The anyone else we may have missed! we love you all !


all rights reserved



Luna Reign England, UK

Luna Reign is the No.1 Alternative Gothic Dark Wave Rock/Metal Band from the UK. Luna Reign is more than music, its something you experience. Powerful Guitars, Sensual Vocals, Seductive Keys, Blue lights and Smoke. Luna Reign is a UK based band, which came to be in 2010. ... more

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Track Name: THE HAMMER
The hammer

The dust on the hammer as it slams on the desk,
Judicial visual puts a noose round your neck.
Standing in a smoke screen, gas lights your eyes,
Hands behaind your back, who knows if you'll survive.

The Hammer Comes down

Take the blame, take the blame, take the pain,
You are the whipping boy, so now take the shame.
Who will change, who will change, who will change.
When your faced down, covered disdain.
Silhouette Clouds

Echoes of faces,
In the wrong places,
Screams drip down the halls.
I see the bodies against the walls.

Black Light consume the world
As the moonlight falls away
In the shadow, of the silhouette clouds
Street lights burn away,
The sounds they try to stay
The darkness closes in, on the silhouette clouds.
On the silhouette...

Sisters and brothers,
Run for cover, As you search for the eye of the storm.
Pity you when you find it,
There are secrets, I'll fore warn.
Never See The Light

We'll never, you know we'll never, never see the light of day.

They say the world is good,
They played it safe,
Then why are they covered in blood again.

They Hold their skin in gentle touch,
Its bruised and broken but its just enough.

We will never see

She danced so pure with sacred grace,
Her only safe place lies upon the stage.
Men will fear, not dare the speak,
Suddenly her voice has a place to be.
Track Name: KMS

She spends all night, crying red wine,
To deaf ears and blind eyes.
Screams of fear, dance so clear,
Anger and rage too stained to face.

Stay strong sky, stay strong sky.

All night she taps away on the screen
...tonight I'm gonna KMS to sleep....
Hoping for someone to hear her scream
...tonight I'm gonna KMS to sleep...

Attack the smoke and ignore the fire,
Increase the pills, so at least we get higher.
Please understand, shes not trying to die,
Why can't I draw that butterfly.

I dont want to honour them with a song,
Cause i dont want to remember them so, so long.
They're not worth the ink my friend,
They're not my friends lets not pretend.

Another lost night, in the physical nightmare
Another scar to hide, in this physical nightmare

You know your just a puppeteers fool,
They set the fire then say its you.
How many people must they break,
Before death comes and takes them away.
Track Name: HOW CRUEL

Did you see the reflection in the mirror,
Did the image swallow you whole.
Are there imperfections in the mirror,
Doesn't feel quite like home, quite like home.

(How cruel)
how cruel it can be

Did you want to climb into the mirror,
To change everything that you see.
Did it all come undone in the mirror,
How cruel it can be, how cruel it can be.
Track Name: BREAK ME

Rain tracks, but the engines disappeared,
With time, the silver reappeared.

I did it to me,
Instead of doing it to them, you see.
If I did it to them,
I would have lost what was me,
And they will never break me.

Red wine, fall into the white,
Glass eyes, with red drops shining bright.

Tight bound, this horror never found,
Its mine, not yours so turn around.

Watch the sea my love,
Let it rise above.
As the rain falls down,
In graves we are found.

Dancing in the rain,
Dancing in the moon light.
Dancing in the blue light......again.

Water so black and deep,
The earth beneath our feet.
As we sail on by,
To the next goodbye.
Track Name: SO FEAR (SOPHIA)

A mind so pure,
Information corrupts.
Time so raw,
With no heart at all.

So fear.......Sophia.

Eyes so wide,
Beauties disguise.
Electro touch,
Your alive so much.
(your alive too much)

Can you see me,
Can you hear me,
Or is it too far away.

Can you see it,
Can you feel it,
Before it all dissipates.

I can't hold on to this hurricane in my head,
I can't hold on to this thing that wants me dead.

Can you walk this,
Walk it away,
Hope for a better day.

Would you try it,
Try to defy it,
And watch it take you away.
Skin And Bone

Tip-toeing in the devils halls,
Suddenly I'm not so small.
Mirror images flashing bright,
As all my demons come to life.

Your not alone,
Sweet skin and bone,
Just hold on dear,
Through all this fear.

So far beyond gods touch,
The devil says that you've had enough.
But They're not looking through these eyes,
One more breath to scrutinize.

You will know her, by the trail of destruction - conjunction
Her eyes never, Never to far from despair - no-one cares

Its all black
From the mirror to the night she breathes
Its all black
From the devil to the holy screams
Its all black
To the musics dark serenade
Its all black
Glass, board and letter games.

Her eyes are bleeding, are bleeding in slow motion - such commotion
Her tries for ever, Her tries for ever lost in vain - so insane
The Black Mass (instrumental)

Part 1 - Discovering the secret
Part 2 - Broken doll dancing
Part 3 - The Daemons release